Are you doing the buyer work that this market requires?

How strong are your current buyer lists? Checking in and updating your potential buyer lists is crucial for you to establish who is still in the game and who is not.

Get Commitment Now!

Are your clients waiting for the election to be over? If your pipeline is waiting for an external event like the election or the end of the financial year, get them signed up and get all of the production done now.

Your 3 step framework to expired listing opportunities

There is a huge opportunity around expired listings in today’s market. Follow my 3 step process and use the vision of what your vendors want out of their lives to secure that appointment!

Who is your best buyer?

Are you missing an opportunity to secure your best buyer? In today's market, it's not as obvious as what it's been in the past to pinpoint your best buyer. Ensure you stay close and don't figure it out too late.

How to handle opportunistic buyers

In real estate, it's important to manage your emotions around buyer sentiment when some buyers are “playing the game”? Discover how to do this in today's transitional climate and be prepared to manage these opportunistic buyers in a positive way.

How do you get buyers to engage, commit and communicate?

As real estate agents, we are really good at getting below the surface and finding out motivation, aspirations and what concerns there are for our vendors. Today we discuss the next level of how to get below the surface and get buyers to commit, stay engaged and to keep the communications lines open.