Key Note Speaking

Caroline brings abundant energy and insightful perspectives to conferences and training days. She is an engaging and professional speaker and workshop facilitator, who builds connection and rapport quickly with her audiences, leaving long lasting effects.

Her expertise as a high performing Real Estate sales agent, leader of teams and business owner, brings a powerful combination to any stage. Her focus on human performance and human behaviours provide unique insights as she strives to develop and grow those around her.

To enhance your next event select from one of Caroline’s specialised topics or request a bespoke presentation.

Key Note Topics

                       Caroline’s keynote topics cover the three main pillars of her expertise – Mindset, Actionset and Skillset.                                                              Select from a wide range of topics across the fundamentals of real estate practices,                                                                                       as well as specialised sales and performance topics – some examples below:

Self-Discipline & Accountability

At the heart of all success is a strength around self-discipline and the willingness to embrace accountability. How can you develop the strength and why does accountability work? Uncover the simple and effective strategies that can have a massive impact on your results and success in both business and in life.

Great Expectations – the pathway to success

When looking to achieve in business and in life, understanding the role that expectations play can be the difference between disappointment or success. There are three key factors to master:

1. Self-management   2. Commitment to results  3.Communication that cuts through

Master these 3 key factors and you are on the path to unlocking the power of great expectations and driving strong performance, exceptional experiences and ultimate success.

Playing the ‘Values Match’ game

When it comes to decision making, there is more at play than what appears on the surface. Human beings make decisions based on what they connect to, what they believe in and ultimately what they Value. To win a client there must be a values match – what are your values? How do you demonstrate them? How are you aligning them with your potential clients?

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  • Nick Duchatel - Belle Property No 1 Sales Agent GCI 2017
    Since stepping out by myself three years ago, Caroline has assisted me from being a stand-alone agent to now a team of four which includes a PA and two associate agents. Without Caroline I wouldn’t have achieved this success or be in the position I am in. Caroline's coaching has changed my life.
    Nick Duchatel - Belle Property No 1 Sales Agent GCI 2017
  • Paul Young - Di Jones
    I am finding my involvement in Bold90 both stimulating and challenging. While my current numbers are not nearly enough with respect to achieving my ultimate goal I know I am doing much more and in a more structured way than before I entered the program.  
    Paul Young - Di Jones
  • Liam West - Belle Property Cashmere
    Working with Caroline over the past few months has given me the confidence and direction that I needed by ensuring process and accountability are part of my every day. Through refining and strengthening my structure, my listing presentation and appraisal to list ratio has improved remarkably and has turned my business around with immediate results. Thank you!
    Liam West - Belle Property Cashmere
  • Dragan Balaban - Sales Agent, No 1. Office Transactions 2017
    The professionalism, experience and skill-set, coupled with the advice, systems, idea’s and accountability that Caroline has introduced into my business and life, has played a huge role in establishing me as a top performing agent. I truly cannot wait to see where our continued work will take us.
    Dragan Balaban - Sales Agent, No 1. Office Transactions 2017
  • Jeremy Hodder - Principal, Belle Property Wollongong No 1. Office Transactions 2017
    I have worked with many coaches, both business and personal, and I consider Caroline to be one of the best! Her experience and incredible skills have seen her play a huge role in my growth and success. I contribute a lot of my continued focus and success to the support and mentoring Caroline has provided me.
    Jeremy Hodder - Principal, Belle Property Wollongong No 1. Office Transactions 2017
  • John Cunningham - Managing Director Cunningham’s Real Estate & President Real Estate Institute NSW
    I just wanted to say a big thank you for your outstanding presentation! The feedback has been awesome and you added a really deft touch with your research, effort and critical analysis presentation. We would love to invite you to join the Advisory group as your insights and commitment would be invaluable.
    John Cunningham - Managing Director Cunningham’s Real Estate & President Real Estate Institute NSW
  • Michelle Galletti - Cunninghams
    The accountability and support through the 90 Day program took my business to a whole new level. The biggest change I noticed was the awareness of what I wasn’t doing and the positive mindset shift that came from the mentoring. I have become a much better agent because of this!
    Michelle Galletti - Cunninghams
  • Michael Gallina- Belle Property
    My prospecting activity has now become a habit and my business has changed forever! A big part of that was you - thank you coach
    Michael Gallina- Belle Property
  • Chris Delaney - Belle Property
    I have completed two cycles of the BOLD 90 program and have finally mastered the focus, dedication and commitment that I needed to prospect consistently and effectively. I am now carrying more listings than ever before. Thank you Caroline - the BOLD 90 has been a total game changer for me!
    Chris Delaney - Belle Property