Keynote Presentations at industry leading events.

Caroline brings an abundant energy and insightful expertise to industry conferences and events. Caroline is a thought provoking, motivating and professional speaker, who builds connection, rapport and understanding with her audiences. She brings her 18 years of industry experience as a high performing sales agent, coach and trainer to her presentations, which provides a powerful combination to any stage. She provides clarity, awareness and visionary perspectives across most facets of the Real Estate Industry.

Caroline shares her deep understanding of human performance and human behaviour throughout her presentations to offer a unique insight into growth and development. To enhance your next event, select from one of Caroline’s specialised topics or request a bespoke presentation.

Key Note Topics

Caroline’s keynote topics cover the three main pillars of her expertise – Mindset, Actionset and Skillset. Select from a wide range of topics across the fundamentals of real estate practices, as well as specialised sales and performance topics – some examples below:

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

At the heart of all successful people is a strength around self-discipline and the willingness to embrace accountability. Distractions and procrastination are the killer of progress. What emotional attitudes and limiting beliefs are holding you back and how do you master them? Is accountability really a dirty word or will it set you free?

Audience – Principals, Lead Agents and department heads who run teams.

Human beings thrive on clear guidelines and set expectations. Under-performance is most often a symptom of a lack of structure and inattention to detail, follow through and results. This can be swiftly rectified by understanding the power of clear expectations and knowing how to implement them. By playing the ‘Expectation Game’ well, your performance will be more powerful than ever before.

Audience – Sales and BDM

Any great sales business has several things in common. It’s starts with a mindset of CEO thinking, it has clarity of vision and the benchmarks needed to achieve desired outcomes and it has a powerful pipeline of business always coming through.
Let’s unpack the four critical elements that underpin your pipeline and understand the simple but powerful strategies and focus points required for you to have a systematic and solid approach. A Pumped Up Pipeline is the only way to have a reliable business that thrives and constantly grows.

Audience – Sales, PM, BDM, Principals

The crafting of a conversation can mean the difference between uncovering an opportunity or missing one, leading a client to a desired outcome or finding yourself in a conflict situation. Learn the art of effective listening, and questioning to truly understand your clients perspective. Discover the 6 Step conversation Framework to move your clients and to avoid misunderstandings and confrontation. Understand how to truly connect with your clients in order to build trust and respect and to drive positive outcomes and decision making.

Audience – Sales, PM, BDM, Principals

When it comes to decision making, there is more at play than what appears on the surface. Human beings make decisions based on what they connect to, what they believe in and ultimately what they value. The agent of the future understands that to truly succeed in building relationships and winning business there is a need to go to the next level in the ability to enter someone’s world and ‘speak their language’. To win a client there must be a ‘values match’ – What are your values? How can you integrate them into your business for greater success?