Industry Training For
New Agents

The need for personalised training in the first 18 months to 2 years as a new agent is imperative to developing the foundations which make up the Real Estate Industry. I’ve partnered with KJ Coaching on this BOLD-endorsed Momentum Program for new agents. Working with Kara within the Momentum program will be the best investment you make on your road to success.





  • Are you are pulled in 101 different directions each day and not sure what to focus on first?
  • Do you find yourself running out of time each day and it’s just never enough?
  • Are your To-Do lists getting bigger, not smaller and some things get missed?
  • Are you keen to see results faster?
  • Do you crave more structure and more consistency?


The weekly sessions are delivered via live webinar or are also available as a recording to watch in your own time.


Each session is in real-time, reflecting the current market, and all marketing materials and information can be used immediately in your marketplace. All the heavy lifting is done for you so you can dedicate your time to dollar productive actives.

If you can relate with this than the Momentum Program is for you. Perfect for new and experienced, who are looking for support, guidance, skill training, and accountability.

Start seeing results faster by using systems and procedures that have a proven track record to get results rather than from your own trial and error. Build a mindset that drives high performance and that will cultivate success.



  • Provide a straightforward guide on how to gain momentum 
  • Build industry knowledge and confidence
  • Learn to become self-accountable 
  • Learn to take responsibility for your results 
  • Become consistent in your activities and your income 
  • Be more structured and in control of your time 
  • Set the right foundations on building a sustainable and reliable business 

Reach your commission targets sooner

Get more out of your day without burning out

Gain business direction, clarity and certainty.

Have confidence you are working towards your goals.

Build industry and sales knowledge and refine your skills.

Build a fail proof database with longevity.



  • Full 12 Month program
  • Access to the online learning platform
  • Recorded training videos
  • Template resource library
  • Access to accountability app
  • 2x Live accountability sessions per month
  • 1x Live group training sessions per month
  • Support and guidance from head coach Kara Johnson

The Value

12 months of specialised training and coaching
The ultimate guide to building your real estate career
2x Live group accountability coaching sessions per month
1x Live group training sessions per month
Access to an online learning platform


If you are 100% committed to making your mark as a real estate agent and would like an added layer of support, this live program is for you. Complete the form and we will help you book a complimentary discovery session with Kara to discuss your needs and find out how the Momentum Program can support your growth.