Become A Bold Agent

Believe in you, Own your results, Leverage opportunities & Decide powerfully.

Being Bold guides and supports agents to achieve strategic business growth, by finding the best structure and processes tailored to each agent’s needs, lifestyle and overall goals.

Working together through dynamic on/offline private coaching, private training events, public speaking conferences, the phenomenal bold masterclass series or the Bold 365 program, agents will learn what it takes to achieve ultimate success.

BOLD 365

A full year of mentoring, training and coaching

Discover everything you need to follow your path to achieve new benchmarks, work with proven systems, increase your income and become a leading agent in your market.

What you get:

  • Participate in LIVE Masterclasses throughout the year covering Prospecting, Listing, Selling and Communicating 
  • Regular Mentoring sessions with your coach
  • Access resources, templates and checklists to develop better methods and processes
  • Short courses to fast track your career
  • 30 day challenges to keep you focused and in full momentum
  • 2 x 30 minute private 1:1 Coaching sessions

Who is Caroline Bolderston?

Caroline Bolderston knows Real Estate! With 18 years of industry experience, Caroline is not like other coaches. She has been in your shoes and over a ten year period achieved great success as a high performing sales agent. She has experienced the highs and the lows, from being a solo agent right through to building a team around her. She gets it. 

She took her passion for sales and her genuine desire to help people to a whole new level by establishing and heading up the Belle Property Academy for the Belle Property Group nationally. Through the Academy she uncovered the pathways and coaching models to guide and support sales agents and principals who are looking to rapidly grow their skills and gain high performance results and developed many million dollar agents for the group.

Her focus is to gain clarity of purpose, understand their vision of success, implement structure and process and to develop the required skills to become market leaders.

After establishing her independent coaching and training business Being Bold in March 2017 she is now highly regarded across the industry in Australia and New Zealand as a leading coach and trainer to some of the biggest brands and most successful agents. She has coached many agents and teams to become No.1 in their respective brands with several ranking in the REB Top 100 list annually.  Caroline operates her services both digitally and in person to better meet the needs of her clients Australia wide and internationally. 


Masterclass Series

Become one of the best prospectors in your market. The Bold Prospecting Masterclass series will give agents the foundations and support to find what works, convert every opportunity & grow your pipeline.

What you get:

  • Learn the steps every great agent takes to leverage every listing & sale to win more
  • Learn the processes which will build and maintain a strong pipeline
  • Discover the most effective follow through for prospective sellers & buyers so you never lose them
  • Learn how to have winning conversations
  • & much more…



With the new financial year just around the corner, it’s never been more important to take control of your prospecting and business building. From thousands of hours of coaching agents, I have discovered that one of the most common barriers to prospecting success is the lack of purpose behind it. As human beings we all start with ‘Why’ - why should I do this, why does this matter, why now?

This Session Will Cover:

  • Breakdown the 5 Pillars of Prospecting – Plan, Program, People, Process & Profile.
  • How well are you performing across all five?
  • What is your key 0-90 day pipeline number?
  • How to move away from scripts and dialogues.
  • The 4 Step Conversation framework to make every prospecting call more effective.