Training workshops can be delivered to small or large groups, including the delivery of content as well as facilitation on ideas and contribution from attendees to make it interesting, fun and most importantly impactful.

Sales Enhancement Workshops

Good to Great Business

Success in Real Estate Sales can take many forms, but underneath every great sales agent are the foundational pillars of CEO thinking, clarity of vision, standards and benchmarks of performance and structure. Once the foundations are strong then profile building and market awareness will drive business opportunities that can market proof a great business.

Self Discipline & Accountability

Distractions and procrastination are the killer of sales success and emotional attitudes that can be mastered and eliminated. This session focuses on limiting beliefs that may hold you back and raises awareness around behaviours that are preventing progress and productivity. Discover simple strategies to master the management of time and build useful habits to get more out of every day.

Work the System!

A reliable, robust and streamlined sales business requires structure and process. This session will break down the simple formula for building an effective database, strategically working and growing market share in a core area and controlling follow through. Understand how to breakthrough ‘assumptive thinking’ to increase conversion and win more business.

Building Connection

Mastering the ability to build deep connection and understand perspectives and behaviours is the number one differentiator to unlocking success in business and in life. Throughout this session, uncover the four energy types, decision making criteria that is playing out in every sales situation and learn how to get ‘below the surface’ in conversations. When applied, this session is a total game changer.

Shift Happens

What goes up must come down. Shifts will continue to impact the real estate industry and whilst they can be expected, agents are often not prepared. How do you stay ahead of the game so that no matter what market conditions are present your pipeline is strong and you can continue to thrive? Knowing your process, key pressure points and campaign intensity levels are the keys to ensure your clearance rates stay strong and your sales business is protected. Is it possible to market proof your business so that shifts have less impact in the future?

How to Read and Communicate with Anyone

All human beings are driven by a combination of four different behavioural styles. Developing the ability to identify, understand, communicate and influence within these styles can unlock the mystery of ‘connection and rapport’. This session will not only help you identify yourself & your team members behavioural styles, it will uncover insights on how to communicate both verbally and with the written word so that you are in sync with your client and can guide them towards decision making.

Curious to Committed Clients Part 1 & 2

Winning business is so much more than presenting a proposal and asking for the job! We need to take our prospective clients on a journey that gives them an experience that builds TRUST and an alignment of VALUES. Developing the skills and understanding of how to facilitate connection, deliver certainty and provide solutions to aspirations & goals, will deliver more impactful interactions and lead you to higher conversions.

Powerful Campaign Process

Once you have secured a new listing it’s time to rely on a repeatable, replicable and scalable process that drives fewer days on market and increases clearance. Learn how to frame your process with your client,
structure your communication time frames, and uncover the weekly benchmarks and stages that you need to deliver, in order to achieve the best results possible every time.

AI – Not as you know it!

The key to great success in real estate is so much more than scripts and dialogues, or listing and negotiation skills. To reach your full potential you must have the courage to harness the power of your performance through developing your Agent Intelligence – the ‘AI’ that is truly disrupting you! In this session, we will unpack 5 of the critical focus areas that underpin your performance success and identify the patterns and behaviours that may be holding you back.

Being Bold also offers core sales skills training sessions around Auctions, working with buyers and negotiation. Bespoke training sessions can also be created to suit your needs.

Recent Clients

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  • John Cunningham - Managing Director Cunningham’s Real Estate & Former President Real Estate Institute NSW
    I just wanted to say a big thank you for your outstanding presentation! The feedback has been awesome and you added a really deft touch with your research, effort and critical analysis presentation. We would love to invite you to join the Advisory group as your insights and commitment would be invaluable.
    John Cunningham - Managing Director Cunningham’s Real Estate & Former President Real Estate Institute NSW
  • George Gialouris - Belle Property Hunters Hill
    I have been coaching with CB for 18 months now... And honestly, she is worth her weight in gold! Caroline - listens' and then gives you the best advice possible to make sure you get to the next level. She will not disappoint and could charge 5 times as much and still be great value!
    George Gialouris - Belle Property Hunters Hill
  • Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property
    Caroline is a Dedicated, Skilled, Caring Trainer & Coach who grabs your attention and makes you sit up and take note. Caroline helps clear your head and puts the steps in place for success. I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach and Staff Trainer.
    Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property
  • Blake Dunn -  Sales Consultant Raine&Horne Gosford
    I would rate my overall coaching experience with Caroline very highly. She dug deep to uncover the fundamental issues I was having within my own business and made a personal plan to improve those weaknesses.
    Blake Dunn - Sales Consultant Raine&Horne Gosford
  • Jane Schumann - Associate Director, Raine & Horne Double Bay
    Caroline conducted training and coaching with our team for 6+ months, she has been an integral part in developing processes to get our team to run more efficiently. Caroline’s strengths are being able to bring out the best in each team member, adapting to how they best receive & react to information. Caroline is warm & empathetic & having been an agent herself she understands what we go through on a daily basis. I couldn’t recommend Caroline more highly, she’s a truly wonderful support.
    Jane Schumann - Associate Director, Raine & Horne Double Bay
  • Nick Duchatel - Belle Property No 1 Sales Agent GCI 2017 & 2018, No 2 2019
    Since stepping out by myself three years ago, Caroline has assisted me from being a stand-alone agent to now a team of four which includes a PA and two associate agents. Without Caroline I wouldn’t have achieved this success or be in the position I am in. Caroline's coaching has changed my life.
    Nick Duchatel - Belle Property No 1 Sales Agent GCI 2017 & 2018, No 2 2019
  • Sasha Tasic - Sales Agent Laing + Simmons
    Thank you so much for an inspiring, refreshing and incredibly uplifting presentation. It was delivered in a fun, entertaining and thought provoking way. A real value in your presentation was that its message was current, on point and struck a chord with your audience; which comes from the wealth of your experience and your genuine drive to see the agents succeed. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  
    Sasha Tasic - Sales Agent Laing + Simmons
  • Jeremy Hodder - No 1 Agent for Transactions Wollongong region (he has left Belle Property and waiting to announce his new position)
    I have worked with many coaches, both business and personal, and I consider Caroline to be one of the best! Her experience and incredible skills have seen her play a huge role in my growth and success. I contribute a lot of my continued focus and success to the support and mentoring Caroline has provided me.
    Jeremy Hodder - No 1 Agent for Transactions Wollongong region (he has left Belle Property and waiting to announce his new position)
  • Jason Jowett - Sales Associate Realmark Coastal
    Caroline listens, assesses and gives clear guidance. I recently came to Caroline with specific coaching requirements. I didn’t just want motivation to do more of the same, but instead I needed someone to assess my business completely so that I would have less chaos in the future and the ability for greater capacity. I found Caroline was a good balance of caring whilst holding you very accountable. After 13 years I just had my best month – without the chaos. Between coaching sessions, Caroline was always there to help.
    Jason Jowett - Sales Associate Realmark Coastal