Training Workshops

BOLD Training sessions can be delivered to small or large groups, face to face or on-line. Each session includes Caroline’s energetic delivery of rich and diverse content, insightful facilitation of ideas and a workshop style environment for agents to contribute and enhance their learning capabilities. Sessions are designed to be thought provoking, Interesting, fun, inclusive and most importantly impactful. 

Choose from topics which are created to develop the three performance categories of Mindset, Actionset & Skillset. Alternately, bespoke sessions can be created exclusively for your team. 

Sales Development Sessions

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

As human beings we often experience stress, pressure, overwhelm, fear and anxiety in our day to day lives. Learning how to harness your thinking and maintain your energy has never been more important. Let’s apply a practical approach to keep our minds positive, strong and clear. When we do this, we can lead ourselves and lead others. We can start to ‘handle’ it, take back control and perform at our best.
– Is it emotion or thought?
– What language is driving you?
– How to turn on your personal power
– Re-set your boundaries right now!

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

Distractions and procrastination are the killer of sales success and emotional attitudes that can be mastered and eliminated. This session focuses on limiting beliefs that may hold you back and raises awareness around behaviours that are preventing progress and productivity. Discover simple strategies to master the maximisation of time and build useful habits to get more out of every day.

(each session 3 hours duration)
Audience – Sales Agents & Principals

A reliable, robust and streamlined sales business requires structure and process. This session will break down the simple formula of the BOLD Prospecting approach which covers five pillars for building a consistent sales business – Plan, Program, People, Process and Profile. Understand how to grow an effective database, strategically work and develop market share, control follow through and which strategic activities need to be focused on. You will also gain awareness of ‘assumptive thinking’ and learn how to breakthrough to increase conversion and win more business.

(each session 3 hours duration)
Audience – Sales & BDM

Winning business is so much more than scripts and dialogues, presenting a proposal and asking for the job! We need to take our prospective clients on a journey that gives them an experience that builds TRUST and an alignment of VALUES. Developing the skills and understanding of how to facilitate connection, deliver certainty and provide solutions to aspirations & goals, will deliver more impactful interactions and lead you to higher conversions and quality listings.

(each session 3 hours duration)
Audience – Sales

Once you have secured a new listing it’s time to rely on a repeatable, replicable and scalable process that drives fewer days on market and increases clearance. Learn how to frame your process with your client, structure your communication time frames, and uncover the weekly benchmarks and stages that you need to deliver, in order to achieve the best results possible every time.

(minimum 3 hour session)
Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

Mastering the ability to build deep connection and understand perspectives and behaviours is the number one differentiator to unlocking success in business and in life. All human beings are driven by a combination of four different behavioural styles. This workshop utilises the E-DISC behavioural model to develop the ability to identify, understand, communicate with and influence anyone – unlocking the mystery of ‘communication and rapport’.
This session will not only help you identify yourself & your team members behavioural styles, it will uncover insights on how to communicate both verbally and with the written word, and how the decision making criteria is playing out in every situation. When applied, this session is a total game changer.

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

The key to great success in real estate is so much more than scripts and dialogues, or listing and negotiation skills. To reach your full potential you must have the courage to harness the power of your performance through developing your Agent Intelligence – the ‘AI’ that is truly disrupting you! In this session, we will unpack Four of the critical focus areas that underpin your performance success and identify the patterns and behaviours that may be holding you back.
– 6 core needs
– The map is not the territory (Are you following the right map?)
– The art of letting go & AssumptiveThinking
– Control your outcomes

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

It has been said that poor communication is at the heart of all misunderstandings. In a service based industry it is vital that we master the art of powerful and direct communication to truly influence outcomes and create winning situations for all. This session will uncover some key strategies to take your communication to the next level and open the door to greater communication experiences.
– Perspective, whose view is it anyway?
– Set expectations & get specific!
– Simple conversation framework
– It’s not confrontation! How to have better PDC’s (powerful direct conversations)

Audience – All : Sales, PM, BDM, Admin, Principals

We all have our own version of success and without a clear vision and plan, your success may continue to elude you. This session is the ideal way to kick-off a new year as we reflect & review on the year that has been and really look within to identify what worked and where the gaps lie. It’s time to self-assess on your personal and business life and analyse where to shift the focus to maintain good habits and break old behaviours. This session takes commitment, open mindedness and a willingness to do the work, as together we build out long term goals and then chunk them right down to create an effective 90 Day plan to implement and achieve.