Right now the buyers’ desire to get engaged to get committed to the process is really weakening, their need to wait is increasing – ” wait to see” or “wait for the market to drop”. If you’re feeling it, then I really hope that you are shifting your strategies.


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Hey, it’s Caroline Bolderston here with coaching on the go.

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My question is, are you feeling it?

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What I’m referring to, of course, is the shifting market. I’ve had so many of my clients speak to me this week about how they’re feeling it, really feeling it out there, buyers’ sentiment is waning.

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Their desire to get engaged to get committed to the process, is really, really weakening, they’re kind of doing a hands off or wait and see type thing or wait for the market to drop. If you’re feeling it, then I really hope that you are shifting your strategies.

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Talk to the buyers in the language they want to hear. We cannot now defend the price the thinking it’s all about record sales and, you know, having multiple bidders on every property that is probably gone. So you need to shift how you speak to your buyers.

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Tell them what they want to hear. You know, what, how are you going in the market? How long have you been looking? What are you sensing out there? What does that mean for you in terms of your purchasing? You need them to tell you where they’re at and what they’re thinking because they’ll say, oh, look, we think the markets dropped and we think it’s going to come off.

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And this is where you shift that and you say you know what I agree. Now is the time that buyers have been waiting for it’s so different to last year, I bet you’re glad you didn’t buy last year because the opportunity is now in this climate.

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That’s where you need to be so bring that conversation to the table. And then the second thing if you’re really feeling this is please make sure you have your a buyer lists and your double A buyer lists really sharp and tight keep those buyers close. And just to define it for those of you who need a little refresher, your a buyers are at the peak of their buying cycle buying now making offers but nothing to sell your double A buyers, they’re the ones you want to stay close to the minute they buy.

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They are listing their property for sale. You need those two lists really clear. You need to sharpen your language about it and let them know how exciting for you the market shifted. How can I get you into something while these conditions last?

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That’s it for me team. I hope that’s useful. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye for now.


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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

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