How many conversations are you having everytime you list and sell a property? In this week’s COTG, I share some tips around simplifying your key groups of people to communicate with. As well as outline the benchmark figures you must be hitting to truly help build your database and improve your prospecting business.

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Here is another Coaching on the Go Moment from real estate coach Caroline Bolderston.

Today, I thought I would share more around the concept of ‘how simple are you keeping your leverage?’ Every time you list and sell a property there are a number of key conversations you should be having to hit your benchmark. These conversations can be split into four key groups of people.

Group 1: A or AA buyers

Group 2: People who you know in your database that are geographically close to the listing

Group 3: You have appraised their property before and it is similar to what you have listed or sold before. 

Group 4: Unknown people

Unknown people are the people in the building, on the street or adjacent side to the street that you need to get to know to get into your system.

Over those four groups, how many conversations should you be aiming to have with each one? I believe the key number is 20. This means you should be having 80 leverage conversations off every listing and every sale. Imagine having 80 to 160 conversations that are targeted, relevant, purposeful and timely and what that could do for your business. Keep your prospecting menu simple!

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

With over 17 years of industry experience Caroline has a track record of personal high performance and exceptional results. Taking her passion for Real Estate sales and her genuine interest in sharing her expertise to develop others, she was the creator of the Belle Property Academy which has delivered many $1M agents and high performing sales teams.