There is a huge opportunity around expired listings in today’s market.
Follow my 3 step process and use the vision of what your vendors want out of their lives to secure that appointment!

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Here is another Coaching on the Go moment from real estate coach Caroline Bolderston.

Your 3 step framework to expired listings

Today’s focus is on expired listings and the opportunities that abound in this type of climate. I’m talking to a few of the agents that I work with and I realise that this would be a good opportunity to share with you the three step simple framework of how to really open up that opportunity.

Step 1 – Validate back

It’s really important that you validate back to the expired prospect how they’re feeling, what they’ve been going through and validate their experience so far.

You will often find that they’re a little bit defensive when you’re on the phone or at the door offering to help.

Therefore, no matter what they say to you, for example:

“We’ve been on the market”
“No, we’re fine -we’re probably going to withdraw”
“We are not sure about this climate”
“The market’s not good at the moment”

Validate back how they’re feeling and say:

“I understand you. I can hear that you’ve been through a bit of a trying time and I’d love to really see how I might be able to help you”

Then you move on to step two:

Step 2 – Re-engage with the dream

As human beings, we are very much emotional based creatures and it’s all about the vision of what we want out of our lives.

Ask the question:

“I’m just curious, you came to the market for a reason, what is it you were hoping to achieve by making a move?”

Ask them to reconnect with that dream so that they can fire up the neurology around the desire to make that move again.

Step 3 – The “what if” solution to get the appointment!

Then step three, the final step:

Next, pose the “what if” and the “possibilities” and say:

“I’m just thinking……..what if we could still get you moving towards that dream?” (whatever the dream was….)

“What if I could still extract a price from this markethat makes this doable?

There are my top three tips for working with expired listings.

Use that three-step process and see if you can really open up that opportunity for yourself.

If you have a genuine desire to serve your clients, work hard and become the best you can be – contact me via the section below to discuss how coaching can work for you.

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

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