Do you find yourself wondering if it’s the right time to reconnect with your potential vendors? Don’t sit back and wait for somebody else to swoop in! In today’s Coaching on the Go I’ve got a very important mantra that will help you so you don’t miss that opportunity.

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Here is another Coaching on the Go Moment from real estate coach Caroline Bolderston.

Two of my favourite words in the real estate industry are ‘Things Change’.

The reason I love those two words is that it’s a very powerful mantra to utilise, whenever you’re prospecting or whenever you’re business building, which is my favourite term for reaching out and nurturing clients.
What I find is that often you will have a pipeline or you will have a particular prospect who will say to you, I’m not doing anything for a year or leave it with us until the new year or we will do something after the winter or whatever the case may be at the time.

Is it time to reconnect?

And you take that on board and you want to respect what that potential client has said to you and respect their boundaries.
What I do know though is that ‘things change’ and I use that as a mantra, whenever I was wanting to reconnect with somebody in my pipeline or one of my core contacts in my core area and I’d ask myself the questions:

  • I wonder if anything’s changed since we last spoke?
  • Does the 12 months still apply?
  • Does the ‘after winter’ still apply?
  • Has anything changed for them?

And I really wanted to bring this to your attention today because I’ve had two separate clients of mine who have missed business over the last week because they didn’t reconnect before the timeframe that the client put up as a framework or as a guideline.

Don’t miss an opportunity

They’d listen to that and they didn’t reach out.
What happened with one particular agent when he said to the vendor “I thought you weren’t doing anything until X Y Z” and the vendor said, “Another agent just kept in touch with us and appeared to be more hungry for the business.”
And even though my client said “I’ve just respected what you asked me to do”. It didn’t matter, In this instance, and the agent lost the opportunity.

Two words that would be great for you to adopt ‘Things Change.’ Ask yourself the question, I wonder if anything’s changed since I last spoke and reach out with information about something happening in the marketplace.

Do not hold back is what this messages is about and try to plug in this mantra and see if that changes things for you because I don’t want you missing out because somebody else is going there.

If you have a genuine desire to serve your clients, work hard and become the best you can be – contact me via the section below to discuss how coaching can work for you.

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

With over 17 years of industry experience Caroline has a track record of personal high performance and exceptional results. Taking her passion for Real Estate sales and her genuine interest in sharing her expertise to develop others, she was the creator of the Belle Property Academy which has delivered many $1M agents and high performing sales teams.