What happens when a property does not sell at auction or the days on market blow out? The property owners are left wondering what next? How can we get it sold?
A friend of mine recently shared his experience and point of view about this exact situation, which I found extremely insightful.
Perhaps it will challenge your current beliefs as to your role in this.

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Here is another Coaching on the Go Moment from real estate coach Caroline Bolderston.

Today’s coaching on the go moment has a twist.

I’m wanting to share with you some information that I’ve just picked up from a conversation I’ve had with a very good friend of mine over breakfast.

What do you do when a property gets passed in?

Recently he had his property on the market and it was passed in at auction about three weeks ago.

We were talking about various things through the campaign and how they selected the agent.

I’m going to bring this information to you in a video series along with various other related topics.

Right now, I need to share with you what he shared with me:

“You know what I’m most surprised about Caroline? Since we’ve passed in we haven’t had a single phone call from a real estate agent, not even our own”.

Not even the one they were on the market with and this was three weeks ago.

He said.“ We have had however loads of phone calls and handwritten notes in our letterbox from removalists and other people”.

They had about seven removalists checking in to see if they could help them. They had two electricians, painters, and even stylists call them to see what they’re doing.

Are your property owners wondering what next?

It just struck me as quite unbelievable.

If I was an agent in that area and I didn’t have the listing, I used to monitor the market and make sure that I reached out to anybody who was selling after they had sold.

Firstly, to check if they are still in an exclusive agency of course and secondly just to find out what’s happening, and can I be of assistance.

I asked him the question:

“What would you do if an agent did contact you?”

He said:

“Our agreement has expired with our current agent. I’d absolutely have a conversation with them because we want to move, we are sellers. I cannot believe no one has called!”

What opportunities are you missing?

If you aren’t monitoring your area, if you aren’t reaching out to see what’s happening for sellers when their campaign doesn’t actually go through the sale then what opportunities are you missing and what’s holding you back?

There are probably four different things that hold you back from that, which I haven’t got time to share with you today. However, you need to work it out and you need to make a change!

I hope that helps, get cracking team!

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

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