What if you could learn how to influence your clients in such a way that their decision making is not based on fees, market share or costs associated with marketing campaigns?

This is for you

If you want to power-up your strengths of influence. The BOLD Listing Masterclass Series will deliver a clear formula for you to unlock the mystery of decision making to create winning situations that deliver the outcomes you desire. If you are truly ready to take the time to invest in your development and are committed to a successful career in Real Estate, then let’s get learning.

This is not for you

If you are looking for a quick fix. My sessions help to build your development by delving into the true understanding of how people make decisions. It’s time to get real with why your past process haven’t been succeeding and work together in an approachable and connected environment to rewrite  those mistakes.

You will learn to

  • Understand the importance of the three stages of influence and how to navigate them.
  • Have the ability to better answer the three unconscious questions that every prospect is asking.
  • Expand your thinking around human values and the role they play in winning business.
  • Perfect the ‘Unconscious Questioning Technique’ to take your conversations from surface level to much deeper connection and rapport.
  • Learn the 8 step model for an influential listing meeting.
  • Recognise the decision-making process for the four different energy types.