Are your pipeline sellers delaying coming to market? This week’s COTG will help you get your sellers moving by explaining what is likely to happen to the market once these lockdowns lift. You can talk this through with your client as a strategy to sell now!

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Here is another Coaching on the Go Moment from real estate coach Caroline Bolderston.

Are your pipeline sellers delaying coming to market? This may only be relevant to those who are currently in situations where lockdowns are in place and may continue.

When selling a property there are two types of fights that occur. In a booming market, you see buyers fighting over property. In a bust market or a market where there is an oversupply of property, you see vendors fighting over buyers.

For many sellers that have held off coming to market, what is likely to happen when lockdowns lift, is a flood of listings will come to market.

This will result in buyers being on the right side of the fight. They will be able to sit back and watch vendors fighting for them to secure their property.

This is a conversation you need to be having with your pipeline sellers.

You need to explain this scenario to them and ask:

What situation do you want to be in? Do you want buyers fighting over your property, due to the lack of supply, like right now during lockdown? Or do you want to hit the market with everybody else and end up having to fight over the buyers?

Build their confidence by giving them evidence and case studies of listings that are coming to market and selling well. Every good agent should be discussing this with their clients. They need to pick their clients up out of today and place them in the future, to let them know that this is a possibility of what could happen if they wait.

I hope this is helpful and stimulates conversations with your pipeline, so you can keep progressing them and gets them to market sooner.

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

With over 17 years of industry experience Caroline has a track record of personal high performance and exceptional results. Taking her passion for Real Estate sales and her genuine interest in sharing her expertise to develop others, she was the creator of the Belle Property Academy which has delivered many $1M agents and high performing sales teams.