Are you struggling to get buyers to commit, stay engaged and to keep those communications lines open with you?

Here’s how to dig deep and get below the surface by asking the right questions.

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Caroline Bolderston, Real Estate Coach, here with a coaching on the go moment.

I’ve just come out of some office coaching that I’ve been doing with five back to back coaching sessions. The same theme came up for three of the agents.

Engage, Commit & Communicate

That theme was how do you get buyers to engage, commit and really communicate with you on a level that helps you know how to progress them through their sales cycle.

And the analogy that I came up with is this;

We are really good as agents of getting below the surface and finding out motivation.

Finding out what their aspirations are and what concerns there are for our vendors.

We’ve learned how to do that over the years through all of the work on listing presentations, building relationships and rapport. Yet it doesn’t seem to be transferring through to what you’re doing with buyers.

I would just like to say on this coaching on the go moment, what this is about for me is simple:

Get below the surface

We’re great at the surface structure questions with buyers;

  • Will you be ready to buy a property?
  • Have you got your finance approved?
  • Have you been looking around for a while?

All of those real estate buyer questions, but we’re not getting below the surface, below the surface structure.

Ask similar questions to what you ask your vendors

It’s about putting on the scuba suit, it’s time to go scuba diving down below the surface and ask similar questions to what you ask your vendors;

  • Where they want to be?
  • What would it mean to them?
  • How would it feel if….?

Let’s see if that helps you get below the surface, truly engage with them and move them forward in their buying cycle.

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Caroline Bolderston

Caroline Bolderston

With over 17 years of industry experience Caroline has a track record of personal high performance and exceptional results. Taking her passion for Real Estate sales and her genuine interest in sharing her expertise to develop others, she was the creator of the Belle Property Academy which has delivered many $1M agents and high performing sales teams.