How to handle opportunistic buyers

In real estate, it's important to manage your emotions around buyer sentiment when some buyers are “playing the game”? Discover how to do this in today's transitional climate and be prepared to manage these opportunistic buyers in a positive way.

Are you ‘moving’ your clients?

In real estate, there are more ways than one to move your client. If you want a client to feel a certain emotion, then you need to bring that to the conversation. It's less about being polite, avoiding sounding pushy or demanding and a whole lot more around the energy and emotion you bring with you. This way the clients feel the impact of the conversation.

Change your state of mind and keep thriving!

Discover the strategies you can put in place now to help you reset and get you through with when you are struggling to stay positive and enthusiastic.

Are you being honest with yourself?

Discover why it is so important to be realistic about your goals and how you can achieve them. It's time to get really honest with yourself about what is possible to achieve.

The ‘New Year’ Conversation

Discover the best way to start that conversation in the new year with your real estate clients and how to reconnect and check in with your pipeline.

‘Stop telling, start questioning’

‘Stop telling, start questioning’ Powerful questioning. What, When and How!

Keep Giving

Keep giving. Don't stop when someone doesn't call you back when you think they should. Don't let your emotions or expectations dictate how you behave with your clients when they haven't reacted how you think they should.

How do you get buyers to engage, commit and communicate?

As real estate agents, we are really good at getting below the surface and finding out motivation, aspirations and what concerns there are for our vendors. Today we discuss the next level of how to get below the surface and get buyers to commit, stay engaged and to keep the communications lines open.

Who are your A and AA buyers? And, why should you care?

As a real estate agent you meet hundreds of people each month, so how do you prioritise your pipeline and avoid the overwhelm? Here we discuss how to segment your buyer and seller database and make strategic callbacks.