Should you take things at face value?

When you get the 'brief' from your client, do you take it at face value without testing it? In this Coaching on the go, I share with you the danger of accepting the status quo without getting below the surface and the disappointing trap that you can fall into!

Does your success lie in the gaps you leave?

Do you leave your success on the table for somebody else to take? Success lies in the gaps that you leave, don't fall short, finish what you start by applying commitment, focus and urgency. It's what the Elite agents do, so why don’t you?

Why are you losing listings?

Losing listings because the other agent was better 'Value' on fees and marketing is often never really the reason. More often than not it is the fact that you did not deliver a 'Values' alignment with what is important to the client, and how what you 'Value' and believe in, is a perfect solution for them.

Are your vendors ‘on’ the market or ‘in’ the market?

Is it enough just to be 'on' the market? It has been said that some of the best properties in the world can remain unsold. Why is that? I believe it's because there is a BIG distinction between being 'on' the market and 'in' the market. The simple language change around this, and what it means, can have massive impact.

How much is enough?

It's so important to break down how much time you need to allocate to the different focus areas of your business. If you are not clear on how much time you need to spend in your CORE focus area of business building. The formula is simple and getting this right will have massive impact!

What have you left behind?

There are fundamental, core practices that you need to execute on a continuous basis. How consistent are you at mastering the fundamental connection and influence with your hot buyers right now?

Do you assume too much?

When you assume without knowing many agents create a whole load of emotions that are eroding their confidence and this is also increasing worry and stress for them. What are you telling yourself that could be derailing you?

Get curious and follow up!

Are you taking every opportunity to engage with your potential clients? Get curious about what their current circumstances are and really come from a genuine place to find out what's going on.

Should you be reaching out?

What steps do you take when a property does not sell at auction or the days on market blow out? Don't miss an opportunity and leave owners wondering what next.